Friday, May 27, 2011

Book Give Away!

The Case of the Colorful Caudipteryx (Professor Barrister's Dinosaur Mysteries #4) has just been released, and to celebrate I am giving away 3 autographed (and doodled on) copies over at If you're already on Goodreads, just click over and enter to win. If you're not, then you should sign up. It's a great place to meet writers and readers and people who love books of all kinds. The give away ends at midnight June 3, so don't delay!

Now, sure, some of you are probably asking, "Why are you giving away a book when what you really want is for people to buy the book?" Well, that's a good question. But people don't buy books they haven't heard of, and this is great way to let people know about the highly rated Professor Barrister's Dinosaur Mysteries series. Besides, I have met some of my biggest fans and best cyber-friends through giveaways of the first three Professor Barrister books. I'm looking forward to meeting more dinosaur loving readers.

"But Steve," you say, "I haven't read the first three books yet." (You're chatty today, aren't you?) Well, never fear, for these fine books are readily available for purchase or download at any number of fine outlets. And to help you out, here are brief synopses and links for each book.

The Case of the Truncated Troodon (book #1). The one that started it all! Third graders Nate and Emily discover Prof. Barrister's secret time-travel machine and travel back to dinosaur times (the Cretaceous Period to be exact) where they learn the secret of the professor's Troodon fossil--which for some mysterious reason (read the book!) doesn't have a tail. Paperback available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Books-a-Million and more. Also available for Kindle and Nook.

The Case of the Armored Allosaurus (#2). Emily and Nate are back to accompany the professor on a trip to the Jurassic Period to discover why the professor has found a fossil of an armored Allosaurus when everyone knows Allosauruses didn't have armor. Or did they?! Paperback at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Books-a-Million and more. Also available for Kindle and Nook.

The Case of the Enormous Eoraptor (#3). Prof. Barrister thinks he's discovered a new dinosaur species--the Barristerosaurus!--but Nate and Emily aren't so sure. They think his fossil just looks like an enormous Eoraptor from the Triassic Period. So the three of them go back in time to see who's right. Paperback at Amazon, Barnes&NobleBooks-a-Million and more. Also available for Kindle and Nook.

So rush over to Goodreads and enter the give away, then stock up on the first three books to be prepared when that signed, doodled, literary masterpiece arrives in your mailbox!