Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello! and welcome to my new blog. I have an older blog over on Goodreads.com, but I thought I should branch out a bit and grab the "stephenpenner.blogspot.com" domain before some other pesky Steve Penner snatched it out from under me.

So who am I? Well, I am an author. And an illustrator. And I like sentence fragments. Especially ones that start with 'and' or 'but' or even 'which.' Which is a problem for a children's author because my writing should also be educational. But I'll make do.

What do I write? I am the author of a series of chapter books titled PROFESSOR BARRISTER'S DINOSAUR MYSTERIES published by Nimble Books. They are for early elementary school students, and are both fun and educational (despite the occasional sentence fragment). The webiste for the series is ProfessorBarrister.com.

What do I draw? I am also the illustrator for the PROFESSOR BARRISTER books. I draw the interior illustrations as well as paint and design the covers. Here's an example:

Interior Art from Book #1
 For more, you can check out the illustration gallery on StephenPenner.com.

Where else can I be found? My main online outlet is Twitter. My username is @StephenPenner. I tweet about what I'm writing, or drawing, or painting, or thinking about writing, drawing or painting.

So there it is, my first Blogger blog post.

What's next? Watch this space (or better yet, follow this blog!) for updates on the Professor Barrister books. In addition, I'll soon be blogging about some non-dinosaur projects I'm very excited to be working on.

Thanks for stopping by.