Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Adventure Begins!

Actually, the adventure began last Friday, December 2, when I released my sci-fi thriller novel MARS STATION ALPHA on Kindle--all by myself! This is the follow up report to my last two blogposts, wherein (real word, properly used) I first contemplated following this course, then announced my intention to do so.

I couldn't be happier with my decision.

My sales are good and I can see the Amazon borg stretching out, connecting my book to similar works and similar authors. More importantly, I figured out how to format my own work for kindle, nook, and even paperback. Most importantly, I'm having fun.

So what's next?

Look for two more releases from me this month. THE DEAD SHOE SOCIETY short story anthology was just released December 12! It features stories from seven different authors, in different genres, with the only common elements being death and shoes. My contribution is a legal thriller titled Lady Justice Wears Heels. I've read all of these stories and already one of them may be my favorite story of all time. This is an amazing anthology. Don't miss it.

Then, in time for Christmas, I'll be releasing my next novel: SCOTTISH RITE. It's a paranormal murder mystery, set at the University of Aberdeen in the Scottish Highlands. Our hero is Maggie Devereaux, an American exchange student, who must solve a series of ritualistic killings before she becomes the next victim.

Thanks for stopping by. Check out MARS STATION ALPHA and THE DEAD SHOE SOCIETY, and keep your open for SCOTTISH RITE.