Saturday, April 21, 2012

Scottish Write

I woke up to some exciting news today. My paranormal mystery novel SCOTTISH RITE cracked the top 3,000 books on Amazon kindle. Ranking was #2,834. That's the highest any of my books have ever ranked. When I first wrote the book, I had many industry pros tell me they liked the story but didn't think it would sell. I'm glad they were wrong. :)

Another exciting thing is the fact that the sequel, BLOOD RITE, cracked the top 10K. So not only is SCOTTISH RITE selling, but readers like it enough to seek out more. I've even started to receive emails from (I can't believe I get to use this word) fans, asking me whether I've started work on the third book.

Well, the answer is yes. And this morning's news just makes me want to get going on it all the more. I have other writing projects I'm trying to finish and others I've agreed to start, but I think Maggie Devereaux needs to start taking priority.

That being said, I will endeavor to keep you updated on my progress for the third RITE book. I had planned to title it DARK RITE, but now I think it will be LOST RITE. That better suits what I set out to do when I first began writing these books.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to blog about how well LOST RITE is selling. But no matter what, the absolutely most awesome thing is this: people are reading my book. Wow.

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