Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Giveway! -

In my last post I told you about a great new website called where I'm fortunate enough to be a Featured Author. Well, the site has officially launched and to help celebrate I'm giving away three copies of the first Professor Barrister book, THE CASE OF THE TRUNCATED TROODON!

To enter, just click over to and follow the links to the giveaways. Then scroll down to my name and click to send me an email at That's it and you'll be entered.

"But, Steve," you say, "I'd have to click my mouse like two or three times to do that. Is it really worth it?" Well, yes, it is. And to prove it, here are the Top 10 reasons to enter my giveaway:

10.  Free. Book. 'Nuff said.
9.  If you've ever said anything like, "We need to expect more of our kids," then you have to get a kids' book with the word 'truncated' in the title.
8.  The illustrations are amazing. See?
7.  All your friends' kids have read it.
6.  Dinosaurs. 'Nuff said.
5.  If (when) your kid(s) love it, there are already three other books in the series.
4.  And book #5 will be out by Christmas!
3.  The problems are solved by smart, nice kids, not snarky teen-wannabes.
2.  It's a really good book. Really. Check out these reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.
1.  FREE. BOOK. What are you waiting for? Click here now!

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